Venetian Plaster

Bespoke, durable Venetian plaster finishes

From Microcement to highly polished Venetian plaster and textured polished plasters, we offer an enormous range of decorative plaster finishes for interior and exterior applications. With more than 100 different finishes and over 30,000 colours to choose from, our bespoke surface design possibilities are endless.

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Bespoke Design Process

From start to finish we guide you through the design process, working closely with you to bring your visions to life.

Timeless Quality Venetian Plaster

We create surfaces that are durable and easy to maintain. Utilising materials such as microcement and Venetian plaster we create an exclusive range of sophisticated decor for interior and exterior applications.

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marmorino venetian plaster

Marmorino Venetian Plaster

Decorative and durable. Eco Friendly. Over 150 colours 

A natural decorative Venetian plaster with fine marble grit; if you’d like to create various textured and smooth finishes for external and internal surfaces. You can create an amazing selection of Venetian plaster finishes, from smooth traditional to dragged, pitted, stone and contemporary; its the natural decorative plaster of choice for polished concrete and cement look.


Versatile & seamless. Walls, floors and ceilings. Unlimited shades & tones. 

Suitable for all surfaces with no maintenance needed; resinous aspects of our materials ensure that water will not penetrate, and the coating will last. Microcement can be applied on top of underfloor heating, cover furniture, enhance modern or renovate old homes and environments. Perfect for covering existing surfaces like ceramic or porcelain tiles, mosaic, natural and reconstructed stone, just to name a few without the need to remove the existing surface prior to installation.

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polished plaster surfaces

Classic Polished

Luxurious & eye-catching. Easy to maintain. Over 60 colours. 

An exquisite authentic polished plaster finish. Elegant, extremely refined Venetian plaster, suitable for feature walls or larger areas, like complete walls and ceilings. With great colourability, workability and superior gloss, this plaster is arguably the highest level of modern smooth decorative plasters. Easy to clean and extremely lightweight, this finish stays glassy and luxurious.

Pitted Venetian Plaster

Textured & beautiful. Perfect for bathrooms. Over 150 colours. 

We also use plasters with a larger grit size to create surfaces from slightly worn through porous, to smooth, pitted, dragged, slate or stone and concrete cladding-like. For interior and exterior walls and ceilings, as it’s water permeable (breathable), resistant to algae, mould and is completely natural; you can have this type of finish almost anywhere.

pitted venetian plaster

Perfect applications for floors and walls

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