Luxury Garage Flooring

Transform your garage space with our seamless resin and expoxy garage flooring solutions.

Luxury resin and epoxy garage flooring.

For a stylish, durable garage floor, resin flooring is an ideal choice. We typically use epoxy resin coatings and toppings to create a seamless floor that is easy to maintain and keep clean. If you want a more decorative look then a flake finish system is the perfect solution as it is highly customisable and visually appealing.

luxury resin garage floor

Flake finish resin flooring

This type of flooring is created from tiny specks of vinyl in hundreds of potential colour options. Generally, four or five of these colours are put together to form a unique blend, and 18 standard blends are available. This blend is then sandwiched between a resin layer to form the final product.

Seamless Epoxy resin garage flooring

Hard wearing epoxy resin is the preferred material for this type of flooring. It can be installed in a variety of standard colours, or be custom manufactured to match a RAL or British Standard colour. Additionally, self-levelling epoxy resin can be used to fill any unevenness in the floor.
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luxury garage flooring

Hard wearing and robust

Our luxury resin and epoxy garage floors are very durable and easy to maintain. A resin floor creates a non-porous surface, meaning spillages are easily dealt with, perfect for a garage floor. Resin floors are also extremely hard wearing, and will withstand most dropages.

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