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Microcement for your Bathroom

Microcement is an ideal material for bathrooms and wet rooms, as it is waterproof and can be seamlessly applied over any surface. As a result, any grout lines or joints are unnecessary, making it a highly sanitary option that is simple to maintain. Furthermore, when using microcement, no special preparation of the wet room is required, such as tanking out. All that is needed is a wet room system for microcement, and the assurance that the surfaces are stable, before applying the microcement.

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Microcement showers and baths

Having a single material for an entire space with no breaks or gaps is great! With microcement, you can make your floors seamless, so you don’t need to worry about tripping over any small ridges when you’re entering the shower. Bathtubs may not be as popular nowadays, but they can still make your bathroom feel inviting and cosy. Microcement bathtubs help to create a sense of comfort and continuity in your home.

Microcement; stain free and easy to clean

Our bathrooms are outfitted with a product that has been made with wet rooms in mind. Its waterproof nature before it is sealed means that it is resistant to watermarks. Even if you were to leave wet containers on the surface, the product would not sustain any damage. Although this may seem obvious, few microcement brands can offer the same guarantee.

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Microcement sinks and counter tops

In a similar fashion to how microcement can be used to cover shower trays and bathtubs, it is also possible to create a countertop for the sink or one with the sink built into it. Since the material is waterproof, it is ideal for washing hands and allowing the water to flow away.

Microcement bathroom units

The great advantage of this material is that it can be used on both MDF and plasterboard units. You can use it to store your shampoo and shower gel bottles, creating little compartments that are then covered with microcement. This eliminates the need for installation of metal frames, which can disrupt the flow and look of the space.

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Microcement application process in the bathroom

It is possible to install microcement over your existing bathroom surfaces, depending the materials and their current condition. 

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