Microcement Flooring

Create a feeling as space and luxury with our seamless microcement flooring.

Microcement for your Flooring

Microcement flooring is a type of cement-based coating that is applied by hand to create a smooth, polished finish. This method of application allows for an individual texture that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Microcement is a great choice for anyone seeking an alternative to hardwood or tiled floors. It offers a neutral foundation for contemporary interiors that is seamless and subtle.

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Durable microcement flooring

We take great care in selecting the microcement for our floors, as it is specifically formulated for high-traffic locations. This particular type of microcement is more solid and endures longer than other options available. Furthermore, when sealed, this microcement will remain stain-resistant for an extended period of time.

Unique microcement finishes

The solution is also highly adaptable; it can be applied in a vast range of colours, in addition to also being able to be manipulated to achieve a glossy, matt, textured or mottled finish. Microcement can be applied to vertical surfaces as well as floors including walls, staircases and landings, bars and counters.

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Bonds to almost all solid substrates

With extraordinary adhesion properties and therefore with the correct surface preparation microcement will bond to almost all solid substrates. Microcement is produced with hybrid EVA co-polymers to give flexibility and accept deflection from the existing substrates. This also makes it the perfect material for a seamless microcement bathroom.

Microcement applied over underfloor heating

Microcement flooring is suitable for application over underfloor heating systems, timber structures and raised access flooring when coupled with our specially formulated subfloor strengthening and reinforcement systems.
microcement flooring coventry
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Microcement stairs

Your seamless micrcocement flooring does not have to stop at the staircase. With its ability to be bonded to most surfaces, its hard wearing nature and ease of maintenance, microcement is an ideal covering for your stairs. Striking, minimalistic and luxurious, microcement stairs are a true statement piece.

Keep your existing floor while changing the look

Previously, worn and damaged concrete floors and surfaces would need to be completely replaced, however now microcement can be used to rejuvenate concrete floors and make them appear as new. This serves as both a more cost-effective and efficient option for freshening up concrete surfaces.
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microcement flooring installation

Microcement flooring installation

Our microcement flooring installation service promises beautiful seamless floors installed at your convenience and with minimal disruption to your schedule.

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