Microcement Installation

From preparation stages to final finishing, the microcement installation process.

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In many cases microcement can be installed over your existing floor or surface, including damaged concrete and tiling. The process for our microcement flooring system involves the necessary preparation to the existing surface followed by a multilayered trowel application with drying and sanding periods, completed with your choice of sealer allowing a matt, mid or high shine. Our average Microcement flooring installation process takes 5 to 10 days for areas up to 250m2 depending on the sub floor preparation necessary.

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microcement flooring preparation

Surface preparation for microcement installation

Before a microcement installation, the surface must be clean, even, and completely dry.

The resurfacing process involves first preparing the existing concrete by cleaning with a special solution, filling any significant gaps and cracks and then layering with a new, thin layer of cement-based material that is mixed with a bonding agent to achieve a desired end-result.

Microcement application process

The finishing microcement application is a thin microcement layer that provides beautiful marbling effects. It is applied by hand with a specially designed flexible trowel. Once completed, the surface is lightly sanded to achieve the desired effect.
commercial microcement flooring fitting
microcement flooring installation

Sealer application process

Applied with a short-haired roller, the sealer eliminates the moisture content from the microcement to give it a water-resistant quality. Additionally, this product helps to reinforce the distinctive hue of the microcement.

Varnish application process

The final layer to complete the microcement’s impermeability and make it resistant to common cleaning products, such as bleach, ammonia, and anti-lime, is a varnish. Three kinds of varnish are available: shining, matte, and satin. Typically we suggest the shining finish for floors and matte or satin for walls. 3 layers of varnish is applied using a shorthaired roller.
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Perfect applications for floors, walls and stairs

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microcement stairs
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Proudly using Ad Lucem products
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