Microcement Kitchens & Worktops

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Microcement for your Kitchen and Worktops

In today’s world, the kitchen is a core part of our homes. How can you make your kitchen stand out? It’s water resistant properties and the ease of which it can be applied to various surfaces, microcement is the perfect seamless coating for your kitchen and worktop. Walls, floors and surfaces can be finished with microcement to give a truly seamless, modern aesthetic only achievable with microcement.

microcement kitchen coventry

Microcement kitchens

As much or as little of your kitchen can be treated with microcement, meaning the possibilities are endless when it comes to microcement kitchen design. With extraordinary adhesion properties. If you would like to see in person just how much scope there is in microcement textures and finishes, why not book in to visit our showroom.

Sink installation and cutouts

When creating countertops, it is essential to shape them in a way that allows for a consistent and tidy arrangement around cookers, stoves and other equipment. A seamless look can be achieved with an undermounted sink that is securely mounted to the worktop and then covered with microcement. If desired, cut outs may be included to accommodate undermounted sinks, and drainage grooves may be routed into the plywood before applying microcement.
microcement kitchen coventry
microcement kitchen worktops

Microcement worktops

A microcement worktop is the perfect statement piece. Microcement is so popular because of its modern style and its ability to fit in traditional kitchens. Its texture, feel and durability are unparalleled. A microcement worktop can transform your kitchen from a regular room to something special. Additionally, it is highly resistant to wear and tear, practical, and won’t stain easily. We provide microcement worktops for both indoor and outdoor use.

Microcement spashback

As opposed to tiles, plastic sheets, glass, or marble, microcement is the perfect medium for your kictchen splashbacks. A microcement splashback offers a wide array of colours, textures, designs, and finishes and is installed on-site, so you are not limited by standard measurements. Microcement splashbacks are incredibly strong and durable, and theey can withstand getting wet and other everyday wear and tear. Th can also be colour-coordinated with your kitchen’s other elements, unifying the whole look and acting as a link between worktops and wall units.
microcement splashback
microcement installation

Microcement application process in the kitchen

It is possible to put in microcement right on top of your existing kitchen surfaces, depending on the material it is made of and its current condition. Cleanliness is an important factor to consider when carrying out a microcement installation in a kitchen. In order for the decorative covering, paints and microcement to be compatible, the surface must be free from grease and food particles.

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