Microcement Showroom

Visit our microcement flooring showroom in Coventry, UK

Our showroom areas feature many of our microcement floor and wall finishes for our clients to be able to walk on, touch and feel the finishes giving a true understanding of being inside a space where these materials are installed. 

open plan microcement showroom

What's inside our microcement showroom?

As well as an abundance of samples, project imagery, and information on show we have a working wetroom installation, feature walls and furniture installations all a short walk across our stunning seamless floor installations.

Walking you through the process

As well experiencing real life Microcement spaces in our microcement showroom we offer our clients a comprehensive understanding of the products and installation methods such as the installation process, an understanding of the materials used and timescales for installations.

microcement showroom abstract flooring

Your microcement plan

From visiting our microcement showroom you are able to start to realise everything from colour selection to the type of finish you feel will be the perfect match for your project.

What our clients say