Microcement Walls

A modern alternative to Venetian plaster.

Microcement for your Walls

We have been making great strides in the realm of microcement walls as well as microcement flooring. By applying complex trowel techniques such as those used in Venetian plastering, it is possible to achieve an array of unique patinas. With an extensive variety of textures, hues, metallic shades, and finishes, the possibilities are limitless. We have included some examples on this page, but please contact us with any ideas or requests you may have and we will be happy to demonstrate what else we can do. If what you are looking for is a classic industrial concrete wall, you are in the right spot. Our microcement can be applied on nearly any wall, within and out of doors.

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Microcement for interior and exterior walls

The characteristics of microcement make it a highly sought-after exterior wall covering due to its immunity to UV radiation, temperature variations, and humidity. Its durability in the face of solar exposure is an especially attractive quality.

An alternative to venetian plaster

The precise detailing of the cornices, covings, and soffits, along with the thorough consideration of internal and external edges, boosts the contemporary appearance of the concrete finish. Enhancing the overall look even more, added design elements such as shadow gaps and paneling can also be incorporated.

microcement walls and slanted roof
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Commercial microcement walls

With extraordinary adhesion properties and therefore with the correct surface preparation microcement will bond to almost all solid substrates. Microcement is produced with hybrid EVA co-polymers to give flexibility and accept deflection from the existing substrates.

Microcement application process on walls

Mmicrocement can be applied to walls in a similar way to venetian plaster, and the adhesive qualities of Microcement mean that it can be applied to many wall surfaces.
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