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The Lucem Star and Lucem Stone Terrazzo Systems

Developed by Ad Lucem, the Lucem Terrazzo system is is a mineral concrete coating made using microcement bases combined with various aggregates such as marble, granite, quartz and glass. Lucem Terrazzo applications are hard wearing, have a similar aesthetic to polished concrete with exposed aggregates and can be used on most horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Lucem Stone

Lucem Stone Terrazzo uses larger aggregates, and produces a thicker final product than the Lucem Star range. Lucem Stone comes in two systems with differing thicknesses:

Lucem Stone 16 – contains 16mm aggregates, and is roughly 12mm thick once ground and polished.

Lucem Stone 12 – contains 12mm aggregates, and is roughly 10mm thick once ground and polished.

Lucem Star

Lucem Star Terrazzo utilises finer aggregates which do not exceed 6mm, making it a cost effective alternative to Lucem Stone. Due to its low thickness, Lucem Star can be applied directly to vertical surfaces as would any plaster or render. 

Seamless elegance

With excellent adhesion properties and low thickness, Lucem Terrazzo systems can create beautiful, seamless finishes. Steps are also taken during the application process to ensure the finished surface is protected and specially designed water and oil repellent  is used to prevent stains.


Lucem Terrazzo systems ca be applied to most horizontal and vertical surfaces, making it perfect for residential and commercial properties alike, as well as public places, staircases, worktops and even furniture.   

Beautiful and sustainable

Lucem Terrazzo systems create hard wearing surfaces that with simple maintenance can keep their exceptional aesthetics even in high traffic ares. Also, because it is made of multiple hard aggregates, Terrazzo can easily be restored many years after its installation. 

Perfect applications for floors, walls and stairs

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